Ludwig Accent Series 5-Piece Drum Set Red sparkle
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Ludwig Accent Series 5-Piece Drum Set Red sparkle

Includes Assembly! (local pickup only)

An all-inclusive, out-the-box drum set package for the new drummer that needs everything! The Ludwig Accent Series creates a solid foundation, right from the start. Durable for a lifetime of drumming. The Drive features a configuration that is a full-sized, totally playable drum set package complete with cymbals, durable hardware, drum throne, and a chain-drive pedal. Each drum shell features a reinforced seam molded acrylic, 7-plys of Select Veneer, and a 45-degree inner bearing edge with a slight outer bevel.

  • Includes Assembly! (local pickup only)

    Ludwig Accent Kit Includes:
    • 5-piece shell pack

      • 22-inch x 16-inch bass drum
      • 10-inch x 7-inch rack tom
      • 12-inch x 8-inch rack tom
      • 16-inch x 16-inch floor tom
      • 14-inch x 5-inch snare drum

      Upgraded hardware and cymbal package

      • Snare stand
      • Hi-hat stand
      • Double tom mount
      • Boom cymbal stand
      • Hi-hat
      • Crash/ride cymbal
      • Kick pedal
      • Throne


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