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Catalinbread Epoch Boost EP-3 Preamp/Buffer Pedal

Around the shop, we refer to the Epoch Boost as a “mastering pedal,” because it sounds like your base tone, but sculpted to perfection by a mastering engineer. This is accomplished  by employing the same internal circuitry as a real EP-3, from the NOS Orange Drop capacitors to the output mixer stage that acts as a rudimentary frequency selector---it’s all there.
We’ve taken the liberty of kicking the internal voltage all the way up to 22 volts, just like the original unit, giving you unparalleled headroom and clarity. Inside, we’ve included a switchable hi-Z input buffer if you’d like to use the Epoch Boost as your only pedal (don’t worry, we won’t judge). The Boost control gives you just the EP-3 tone when rolled off, but adds up to 20dB of crystal-clear boost as you crank it. And trust us, you’re gonna want to.

Catalinbread Epoch Boost Preamp/Buffer Pedal Features:

  • Preamp/buffer pedal for electric guitar
  • Faithfully re-creates the preamp circuit from the original EP-3 tape echo processor
  • Takes 9-volt power (sold separately) but internally shifts it to 22 volts for greater dynamics and headroom
  • Acts like a mastering processor for your guitar tone, making it bigger, livelier, and more vibrant
  • Switchable buffer for maintaining your tone over long cable runs
  • Great way to make your guitar tone bigger in a way that basic EQ or compression can't achieve


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