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Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator Pedal


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The Boss AC2 Acoustic Simulator is a compact effects pedal designed to accurately simulate the sounds of an acoustic guitar from a standard electric. With 4 distinct acoustic guitar modes, the AC2 gives electric guitarists the freedom to instantly "go unplugged" with the stomp of a foot pedal


Delivers amazing acoustic guitar simulation using a standard electric guitar.

4 acoustic "modes" give guitarists distinct acoustic sounds.

"Standard" produces a conventional acoustic guitar sound.

"Jumbo" delivers the sound of an acoustic with a larger, more resonant body.

"Enhance" gives guitarists a brilliant, ultra-present sound to cut through in live band settings.

"Piezo" produces the bright sound of a piezo pickup.

"Top" knob adjust the effect's overall brilliance and harmonics.

"Body" adjusts the resonance of the simulated acoustic guitar body.

Level knob adjusts the overall level of the acoustic effect.

Individual outputs for effected and un-effected sound allow for the use of separate signal chains and amplifiers.


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