Benefits of Renting your Musical Instrument through Greenwich Music.

  • We rent thousands of band and orchestra instruments annually, so we will always have what you need.

  • No additional fees for repairs/maintenance/Insurance
    We do not charge no additional monthly fees for a repair or maintenance contract like most of our competitors do. Insurance and repairs are included in your rental fee, pay once and you are covered! Unlike many of our competitors, We do not charge for broken strings, broken bows, rosin, cork grease, valve oil or cleaning swabs, all of these supplies are included in your rental

  • Full school year rental plans
    Need an instrument for the entire school year? We have a program that will save you money if you do commit to the entire year. We also offer early renewal discounts that can save you up to 30% off your yearly rental fee!

  • Monthly rental plans
    Need an instrument for only a short period of time? At Greenwich Music, you are not locked into a long term rental agreement.

  • Top of the line instruments for your child to play on.
    We rent brand name instruments from top manufacturers that professional music teachers have recommended for decades, such as Bach, Selmer, Yamaha, Bundy, Armstrong, Conn, Gemeinhardt, Vito, Emerson, Beuscher, Blessing, Becker, Juzek, and more. Prior to being rented, our instruments undergo a stringent and rigorous cleaning and sanitization process that ensures they are just as clean as any new instrument—just like the forks and spoons in a restaurant are thoroughly cleaned before placed on your table. Our in-house repair technicians also carefully and completely adjust and tune (to playing condition) every single instrument we rent before it leaves our premises. So rest assured that you or your child will get the most out of your playing experience.

  • On-site repairs
    We are the only fully-equipped band instrument repair center in Greenwich! Most rental instruments, like any other instruments, will need repair and adjustment during your rental period, sometimes right before an important concert or performance—which makes our service critically important to you. Our technicians are here every day standing by to address any need you may have. What’s more, if your instrument needs to be left for repair we will give you a loaner instrument—so you won’t miss a beat.

  • Change size or type of instrument any time!
    Stringed instruments may be exchanged for different sizes at any time, and if you need to switch to a completely different instrument it’s no problem; we can take care of that for you, fast and easy. Just stop by with your current rental and we will quickly get you set up with whatever you need for your new one. (Note: There may be a slight price difference if your new rental is in a different category.)

  • Discounts off of instrument purchase.
    Unlike complicated "rent to own" programs with purposely inflated prices, we keep it simple. Every year you rent from us you will earn a 10% discount off of our already discounted sale price for any new or used instrument for up to three years and 30% off! We can even special order any instrument/model that your teacher recommends and will be to service it for you long after the sale.

2018/2019 RENTAL RATES:

*First time school year renters get a FREE 30 minute private lesson!

Category 1 : Violin, Viola, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bell Kit

1 month/monthly: $29.99 

School year( rental expires 6/30/19): $169.99

Category 2: Alto Sax, Cello, Single French Horn, Oboe, Piccolo

1 month/monthly: $49.99 

School year( rental expires 6/30/19): $279.99

Category 3: Tenor Sax, Baritone Horn

1 month/monthly: $69.99

 School year: $379.99 (rental expires 6/30/2019)

Specialty Instruments: Baritone Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet, String Bass, Double French Horn: School year: $479.99 (rental expires on 6/30/2019)

*Rental plans cannot be converted. Rental fees are nonrefundable. All repairs must be performed by Greenwich Music.