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Guitar Lessons for All Ages in Greenwich, CT

Ever look at your favorite guitar players and wish you could shred and pick like them? There is no better time to learn than the present! At Greenwich Music we offer fun, instructional guitar lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our guitar instructors teach rock, blues, metal, country, and classical styles on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Our budding guitarists will be both encouraged and challenged by their instructors and learn the following:
1. Chords
2. Simple songs and melodies
3. Note reading and basic music theory

Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Once you have mastered chords, basic melodies, and sight-reading our instructors will challenge you with a new technique or music theory, dive deeper into music theory, learn different scales, advanced picking techniques, different modes for soloing/improvising, and even writing your own music!

Why Take Guitar Lessons at Greenwich Music?

Expert Guitar Instructors

Our guitar instructors are some of the best in the business! With an average of 15 years of teaching experience, our instructors have studied at prestigious schools such as Berklee College of Music, Juilliard, The Hartt School, Syracuse University, NYU, and more. In addition, they have experience performing both locally and nationally.

Customized Lesson Plans

There are no cookie-cutter programs here! Our instructors get to know each student's interests and goals, and craft custom lesson plans. Guitar students are also encouraged to bring their favorite songs to try and master.

Flexible Options

Greenwich Music offers both in-person and virtual guitar lessons. We also offer in-home guitar lessons on a case-by-case basis. Our instructors work around your schedule and can be very flexible. Want in-person lessons one week, and virtual the next? We'll make it happen!

Curious to learn more about our approach? Read about our music lessons here.

" My kids have been taking lessons at Greenwich Music for 6 years, they admire their music teachers because they are current and make learning fun. They really don't like to miss their sessions."

Lesson Info Request

Simply fill out this brief form and someone will contact you within 24 hours. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Does the student need their own guitar for their lessons?

For your first lesson, a guitar is not necessary! In fact, Greenwich Music will gladly provide an appropriately-sized guitar for a student’s lessons at no cost. However, we recommend that they have access to a guitar in between lessons so that they can practice. Only with this regular practice will students get the most out of their lessons.

For your convenience, Greenwich Music sells and rents acoustic and electric guitars. We also stock all of the accessories including strings, picks, straps, tuners, and more.


My student is new to guitar. Should they start on an electric or acoustic version of the instrument?

Although learning the guitar is essentially the same on acoustic and electric versions of the instrument, they can feel a little different. Acoustic guitars can have wider necks and support either nylon or steel strings. Although nylon strings can feel easier on an amateur’s fingers, a wider neck can be less comfortable for smaller hands. Alternatively, electric guitars use narrower steel strings, have a lower string height, and are made with smaller necks. This means a beginner may find an electric alternative easier on their hands.

In considering comfort of an instrument, Greenwich instructors will look at three key factors: that the guitar isn’t too big, that it will fit the student’s hands well, and that the student will be enabled and empowered to form the chords and play the exercises given. If you have questions, the instructor would be happy to fit your student to the perfect instrument for them.


Does the student have to learn to read music in order to play guitar?

Not necessarily! Guitar music often comes in a simplified form called tablature, which uses a numbered system to show the student which finger to place on which string and where to play the chords or notes. However, at Greenwich Music we believe that learning to read music enhances the experience of playing an instrument. Upon request, our experienced and knowledgeable instructors are happy to teach the theory of reading music along with their lessons on guitar.


How often should the student practice?

Simply put, the more the student plays, the better they will get. Greenwich Music recommends that music students practice every day, even if the practice is as short as 5-10 minutes in length. For further details, inquire with your instructor.


At what age can a student begin guitar lessons?

Due to the finger strength and coordination required to play the instrument, guitar lessons are best suited for students ages 6 and up. For younger students who want to play an instrument, we have found that the piano and ukulele can be great alternatives.

Greenwich Music does not offer music lessons for children younger than 5 years of age. Thank you for your understanding!


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